Rose Vector Collection

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"A Dozen Roses"

Floral Vector Set Vol1

A Dozen Roses that wont wither away and die.  This Vector collection contains 12 unique rose Vector illustrations and a set of rose petals.  Each rose file has multiple file types that will work in virtually any design software.  These file types include AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, DXF, PNG, and Jpeg.   So whether you'r designing a layout to be cut from a plotter or a  Cricket, or an illustration for photoshop or tattooing. this set will give you a range of options.  Each file can be altered or combined, mirrored, and resized to create hundreds of unique layouts. 

A rose set that will make you money not end up in the trash days later. 


Added BONIS FILE!!!!!  Thorned Heart From 3/10/23 youtube live feed 



**This is a Digital Download not a Physical stencil***