Double Hexagon

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In the Custom Paint world you can never have enough patterns to use. This is especially true Automotive and Motorcycle Custom paint industry. 

Over the Years I've created and used so many patterns from Simple to ones the make your head spin. The Double Hexagon takes the traditional Hexagon and adds another level of complexity ans style. Used on the Bagger I did years ago it always turns heads for its cleanliness and fresh take on an old design

 I went through and made sure each files has a repeat so you can make endless masks for your paint and design work.  Ive also version with outer contour cuts for tiling as well as variants with not contour outline so you can duplicate and repeat the pattern virtually infinitely.


 This file has multiple file types that will work in virtually any design software.  These file types include AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, DXF, PNG, and Jpeg.   So whether you'r designing a layout to be cut from a Plotter,Cameo Silhouette, or Cricket, or in illustration for photoshop or tattooing.

     Some programs require you to import the file vs open the file

 YouTube Channel >  Airbrush Down and Dirty Tricks

  Email for any questions.

**This is a Digital Download not a Physical stencil***