Airbrush Basics 101

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An  airbrush exercise practice sheet.  Print this out at home.  Or go to a printing store and print it on is 13x19 12x18 or resize to your personal needs .  Practice dagger strokes, dots, lines. and refine your brush control and built muscle memory


I've now Added a new Shading practice sheet to go with my Basic YouTube video from 3/23/23

This sheet can be printed or plotted on various machines


Ive been painting for nearly 30 years and I still do a practice sheet to loosen up and make sure my brushes are spraying correctly. Practice your skills prior to a class or to keep yourself tuned up before your next project.


 This download contains the Vector files and Printable's for the How-To Live steam Project that aired on YouTube 3/23/23 This file has multiple file types that will work in virtually any design software. These file types include AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, DXF, PNG, and Jpeg. So whether you'r designing a layout to be cut from a Plotter,Cameo Silhouette, or Cricket, or in illustration for photoshop or tattooing.


**This is a Digital Download not a Physical stencil***