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Join in on the fun with the JOKER WILD Project! From Scott MacKay's mind to your screen, this YouTube project is now available for download. Let your creativity run wild as you try your hand at this unique and playful project. Will you play the Joker card or sit back and watch the game unfold? The choice is yours.

This file has multiple file types that will work in virtually any design software.  These file types include AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, DXF, PNG, and Jpeg.   So whether you'r designing a layout to be cut from a Plotter,Cameo Silhouette, or in illustration for photoshop or tattooing.

     Some programs require you to import the file vs open the file

CRICUT users.  because Cricut adjusts files oddly on import you may have to try to import few times and follow the instruction video on Airbrush Down and Dirty Tricks and you'll be all set