Plottery Mastery DVD & Vector Files combo

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The plotter mastery DVD and accompanying vector files in multiple formats


Plotter Mastery reveals how to integrate plotters and art to substantially reduce your workload, improve your efficiency, create effects unachievable by other methods, and generate much more money in the process! This must-see, groundbreaking presentation is for artists of all skill levels and applications!

Experienced users: Learn how to get the most out of your plotter.

Beginners: Learn how to master and integrate a plotter into your workflow.

RUN TIME: 2 hrs. 30 min.

• Adobe Illustrator pro tips & techniques
• Working with nodes
• How to manipulate shapes on a computer
• How to curve lines
• How to trace
• How to clean up vector art
• Working with Shape tools
• The Pen Tool: your best friend
• Pencil tool
• Alignment tool
• Transform tool
• Width tool
• Rotate and Spiral tools
• What the plotter actually “sees”
• Outline view
• Unite function
• Preview mode
• Pathfinder Commands
• How to load the plotter
• Pounce pad to transfer an image
• How to weed vinyl
• How to use transfer tape
• Hinge technique
• How to create a tracing layer
• “Make with mesh”
• How to use reducer
• How to place vinyl onto a curved surface
• Relief cuts
• How to render drop shadows
• Pricing suggestions
• How to use a Wacom tablet
• Freehand airbrush techniques
• Stencil techniques
• Understanding your light source
• Best practices with an X-Acto knife
• Use of plastic razor blades

And more!